KLT washer for effective cleaning of Parts.

The KLT washer is also called KLT washing machine or KLT cleaning washer. KLT cleaning washing machine, solid stainless steel construction with the simplest operation and control by time relay. The washers are adapted to cleaning of parts. Due to an integrated water filter, the KLT cleaning washing machines are extremely resource saving when cleaning parts and boxes. Optionally, drying can be integrated. The size of the items to be cleaned can vary, as the machine is adapted to the cleaning material of each company.

Capacity: as per agreement.

Bucket washers for cleaning buckets

Product description: KLT Washer.​

KLT cleaning washing machines from the manufacturer Heim – EDT are the ideal solution for cleaning of product-specific goods and are, depending on the variant, for cleaning of different parts. For filling, open the lid of the KLT cleaning washing machine and put the parts into the opened drum. Close the lid tightly.

A proximity switch detects the closed lid and releases the electronics. The time can be set on the potentiometer using the scale, then start the washing process by pressing the green start button. The start button lights up green for confirmation. By pressing it, the solenoid valve for water supply is opened and the interior of the machine is filled with water. While the water is running in, the operator fills the cleaning agent with a measuring cup and then into the inlet funnel. This ensures that The KLT Cleaning Washing Machine mixes the water with the cleaning agent evenly. After the required water level is reached, the solenoid valve closes.

The valve for the steam supply is opened and the steam begins to heat the water. The desired washing temperature can be freely set between 10°C and 90°C using a knob on the thermostat. At the same time, the drive motor starts to rotate the drum and the previously set time starts to expire.

At the end of the washing time, the motor and also the heating switch off. The illumination of the start button goes out. The washing water can now be drained from the KLT cleaning washing machine by the operator by opening the ball valve (located under the door). After the washing water has been drained, the lid can be opened, the cleaned parts rinsed off with a water hose and removed.

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The following goods can be cleaned in our washing machines:

  • Standard parts
  • Special parts
  • Stainless steel parts
  • Plastic parts
  • Steel parts
  • Medical parts
  • Food parts

Are you looking for a KLT cleaning washing machine for a different length, shape or size of containers?

No problem, contact us and together we will find a solution. We adapt all machines individually to your food to be washed, thus achieving the perfect results for you and ensuring optimal hygiene.

All our KLT cleaning washing machines can be equipped with the following options or accessories:

  • Drying module
  • Conveyor belts
  • Dosing pump
  • Fume extractor
  • And many more.

If your desired product specification is not listed, please contact us directly and we will design the machine according to your requirements. For detailed prices and information about a machine please contact us directly.

Bucket washer against white background for cleaning Kisten


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