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Food Hygiene.

Food hygiene is the key to ensuring the quality and safety of our food. Click here to learn more about our strict hygiene standards and practices. Discover how we contribute to creating a safe and clean environment for food production through continuous improvement and adherence to hygiene guidelines.

Food Safety.

Understand the importance and practices of food safety. Click here to learn more about the measures, guidelines, and processes we implement to ensure the highest food safety standards. Discover how we contribute to strengthening your trust in the safety of the food we process.

Container Cleaning.

Container cleaning plays a crucial role in the food industry to meet the highest standards of hygiene and safety. Learn more about our methods and techniques of container cleaning by clicking here. Discover how we contribute to ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for food through thorough and efficient cleaning processes.

Washing Systems. ​

Discover the revolution in washing technology with Heim – EDT GmbH. Our new washing system saves up to 50% on water, energy, and cleaning agents while simultaneously increasing your productivity and contributing to sustainability. Learn more about our innovative technology and how it shapes the future of washing technology in this article.


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