Container cleaning with Washing systems

Container cleaning with washing systems for industrial & food companies

Heim EDT GmbH has over 25 years of experience in the production of washing systems. The container cleaning with our systems is unique due to the innovative and sustainable washing process. Every day we work on making container cleaning with washing systems even more efficient and cost-effective. The cleaning systems are specially adapted to the requirements of your products and your company. After the container has been cleaned, the container is optionally dried. The cleaning process is extremely resource-saving thanks to the use of innovative technologists, which saves your company important resources such as water, electricity and cleaning additives.

Discover all cleaning systems for effective and efficient container cleaning from Heim – EDT GmbH.

What are the advantages of container cleaning with Heim - EDT washing systems?

Sustainable washing

Sustainable washing with the facilities of the Heim EDT – for a clean future

Innovative technologies

Every day we continue to improve the performance of our Hygiene stations in order to provide you with the best results.

Top quality

We check each of our high-quality manufactured systems before delivery and support you in the installation of the systems

Flexible products

Since each company is unique to its whiteness, we plan the system together with you and adapt it to your needs

Our experience with industrial washing systems in numbers
Cleaned goods
Plants in use

Industrial container cleaning tailored to yourUGcompany

Heim EDT – GmbH is its reliable partner in the field of container cleaning. The container cleaning systems effectively and resource-savingly clean various containers such as boxes, pallets, buckets, feed trucks, shopping trolleys, glasses and many wide industrial products. The container cleaning is individually adapted to your goods to be cleaned.

In order to achieve effective container cleaning in your industry, we analyze the containers to be cleaned in the first step and then configure your container cleaning system based on your needs. Optionally, the professional cleaning of the products can be extended with a drying module. We offer tailor-made solutions for all goods to be cleaned.

Heim – EDT GmbH your partner for washing systems

Our container Cleaning for industry

The cleaning of containers is important not only for health and aesthetic reasons, but also for safety reasons when it comes to the transport of dangerous goods in containers. We offer you all the necessary services for your collection and transport containers as well as their maintenance, inspection and cleaning. With professional experience, but above all with the latest technology.

Due to increasing cleanliness standards in component cleaning, the cleaning of reusable containers has become more and more important. The need for a process-safe and reliable container cleaning system will only increase with the introduction of stricter cleanliness standards. In addition to the strict cleanliness requirements, rapid reuse requires a high degree of drying.

The container cleaning solutions from Heim – EDT ensure reliable cleaning and drying of the containers and thus a long service life for your reusable packaging. Whether you are cleaning a few hundred or thousands of containers a day, Heim -EDT has the ideal cleaning solution for you. Our modular system enables us to meet our customers’ cleanliness requirements. For us it is a matter of course that the cleaning technology is integrated into your logistics process.

Innovative cleaning systems with the highest efficiency

We are a competent cleaning system company with years of experience in the development of the most modern cleaning technologies that meet all requirements. We offer you the right solution for every problem, regardless of whether it is a small or a large task. Our collection covers the entire spectrum of industrial cleaning systems. It doesn’t matter what materials your containers are made of or how they are put together.