Washing Systems.

Heim – EDT GmbH, a renowned player in washing technology, has revolutionized the industry with the introduction of a new, highly innovative washing system. The company has developed a system that not only achieves excellent cleaning results but also is environmentally friendly by reducing water, energy, and cleaning agent consumption by up to 50%.

New washing system

Innovative Washing Technology.

The new washing system is characterized by its efficiency and exceptional potential for resource conservation. It offers a significantly smaller footprint than traditional washing systems, making it ideal for locations with limited space.

A central aspect of the innovative system is its remarkable efficiency. Through the use of advanced technologies and methods, Heim – EDT GmbH’s washing system can significantly enhance user productivity. It provides a substantial improvement over conventional washing systems and can greatly reduce cleaning time, allowing users more time for other essential tasks.

But the strengths of the new system extend beyond efficiency and productivity. It also contributes significantly to environmental preservation. By significantly reducing water, energy, and cleaning agent consumption, the system makes a crucial contribution to reducing the ecological footprint and helps users achieve their sustainability goals.

The development of this innovative washing system reaffirms Heim – EDT GmbH’s status as a pioneer in the field of washing technology. With its unique combination of excellent cleaning performance, substantial resource savings, and increased productivity, this new system is a significant step towards a more sustainable and efficient future of washing technology.


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