Silicone Molds Washer for effective cleaning of Silicone and Polycarbonate Molds.

Mold Washer/Mold Washing machine, is a hybrid stainless steel design that complies with HACCP standard. The cleaning equipment is designed for cleaning Silicone and Polycarbonate molds. When it comes to cleaning Silicone or Polycarbonate molds, the Washing equipment is extremely efficient due to the integrated application specific water filtering system. Washing and drying can also be combined by integrating a Drying module. The machinery is tailored to each company’s needs, the dimensions of the items to be cleaned can vary.

If you frequently use Silicone or Polycarbonate molds in your baking or cooking, investing in a machine specifically designed to wash them can save you time and effort. These machines are compact and easy to use and install, making them a convenient addition to your kitchen or industry.

Our mold washing machine works by using high-pressure water jets to wash away any leftover food particles or residue, also can include a built-in cleaning solutions/disinfectant dosing pump, which ensures that your molds are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Capacity: 100 - 2.000 per hour.

Stainless steel silicone molds washing machine

Product description: Silicone Molds Washer.

Washing equipment such as Polycarbonate or Silicone mold washing equipment from Heim – EDT GmbH is the optimal solution for washing product specific molds and can clean different types of molds depending on the category. The Washing equipment has a hygienic design and innovative technologies for fast and effective cleaning of Silicone molds and Polycarbonate molds. Washing zone and rinsing zone are separated in the Mold washing machine.

Heim - EDT: Silicone Molds Washer. 


Main-Washing zone.

The molds to be cleaned are placed on a mesh conveyor built into the machine and are subsequently washed in a circulating water-jet system. The main wash operation washes away heavy dirt, debris, and contamination to maximum level and then the water used here is filtered through a specific water filtration system inbuilt into the tank, this helps to reduce the consumption of resources and costs. The Washing equipment’s built-in tank heater maintains the optimal water temperature to wash the Silicone molds.


Fresh water Rinsing zone.

In the tunnel of the rinsing zone of the Silicone mold washing equipment, the molds are rinsed with hot and clean fresh water and thermally disinfected with the help flat water-jet nozzle system. This water is then optimally directed into the main washing zone and is available for use again.

This unique washing machine process achieves maximum washing results of the containers with minimal water, energy and chemical consumption and no pH carryover.


Drying zone.

On request, a drying module can be integrated into the Silicone mold washing machine. The Silicone molds are dried with either hot air or compressed air from a high-quality air-blower unit. The drying takes place thereby fast and efficiently. Typically, the “EDT-Guide-Booster” cold air blowing system is inbuilt: this is in the extension of the equipment after the neutral zone. The high air flow rate ensures that a drying efficiency of 80 to 90% is achieved.

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Siliconee Molds Washer.

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The following goods can be cleaned in our washing machines:

  •         Silicone baking molds
  •         Chocolate Polycarbonate molds
  •         Special gastronomy Silicone molds
  •         other industrial molds

Are you looking for a Mold washing machine for a different length, shape, or size of molds?

No problem, contact us and we will find a solution together. We customize all machine to your items to be washed, thereby achieving the perfect results for you.

All our mold washing machines can be equipped with the following options or accessories:

  •         Drying module
  •         Application specific water filter
  •         conveyor belts
  •         dosing pump
  •         fume extractor
  •         and many more

If your desired product specification is not listed, please contact us directly and we will design the machine according to your requirements. For detailed prices and information about a machine please contact us directly.

The following are the technical data of Silicone mold washing equipment for cleaning 200 Silicone molds per hour:

  •         Machine dimension: 3.500x600x1.660mm
  •         Material: stainless steel AISI 304, T=2,0mm
  •         cycle time: 60 seconds
  •         Tank capacity: 400 litres
  •         Disinfection time: approx. 8 – 12 seconds
  •         Washing temperature: 40 – 65 °C Adjustable
  •         Nozzles: Clip-eyelet (rotatable flat jet nozzles)
  •         Filter system: stainless steel 1.4301 Filter tray, hole 1,5 mm,
  •         comfortable and easily accessible in drawer
  •         Power supply: 400V / 50Hz
  •         Control voltage: 24V
  •         Heating system
  •         System: Electric screw-in heater
  •         Electrical power :1 x 6 kW
  •         Water connection :1/2″ 1 – 10 bar, cold or hot water connection
  •         Water drain: 1 ½” ball valve

The dimensions and components of Silicone mold washing machines are customized to your company’s requirements and prices vary accordingly.

The Washing equipment is divided into a washing zone and a rinsing zone, and an additional drying module can be inbuilt on request.

Plate washer system

Industrial silicone mold washing systems directly from the manufacturer.

Products from the machinery manufacturer Heim – EDT GmbH, such as silicone mold washing systems, provide the optimal solution for washing product-specific silicone molds. These silicone mold washing systems feature a hygienic design, unparalleled quality, and innovative technologies for quick and effective cleaning. Depending on their type and system, these washing systems are also referred to as silicone mold washing machines or silicone mold washers. A silicone mold washing system can be divided into a wash zone and a rinse zone.


Not only do our years of experience with washing systems, hygiene barriers, and operational equipment speak for us, but also our satisfied customers and partners. We don’t just offer you solutions – we develop shared concepts tailored perfectly to your needs and stand by your side for any questions, concerns, and challenges. Reach out to us comfortably and without obligation for more information, pricing, and further details. 

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Experience in designing and manufacturing Mold washing machines

As a long-standing manufacturer of various types of Mold washing machines, we know the crucial points which are essential for compliance with hygiene standards in medical
industries, food industries, automotive industries and across various other Industries.

Our experts at Heim – EDT GmbH offer you the best guidance in selecting the right crate washing machine and are guaranteed to find the perfect solution. We as a vendor design,
manufacture and assemble our machines for our customers at our headquarters in Satteldorf. We offer you ideal solutions at fair and attractive prices, the delivery of the machinery takes place after verbal and written order confirmations. Our machinery can directly be integrated to your logistics or production during or before your building/facility construction phase.