Basket washer for cleaning standard baskets

Basket Washer

Washer for baskets

The Basket washer systems from Heim EDT GmbH are made of high-quality materials and based on HACCP standards. The washing systems are adapted to the items to be washed, e.g. baskets. Thanks to the integrated water filter, the machines save resources when cleaning standard baskets and containers effectively

Capacity: 100 – 2,000 baskets per hour

  • Drying module
  • Drying via centris dryer
  • Water
  • One-man operation
  • Dosing pump
  • WrasenabzUG
  • Etc.

Buckets for food companies or industrial companies.

We adapt the system individually to your laundry material.

Technical data of a Washing system for 200 buckets per hour

  • Pumps: 23 kW
  • Pump flow rate: 1600 l/min
  • Tank capacity: 450 litres
  • Wash temperature: 30 – 55 °C Adjustable
  • Filtration : 1. Tape filter, 2. Tommel filter
  • Rinsing temperature: 60 – 85 °C, (to be included on the side of the building)
  • Nozzles: Flat jet nozzles
  • Blower: 2 x 5.5 kW
  • Feed-in: 400V / 50 Hz; 24v
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Industrial Basket Washers

Our product-specific basket washers systems are the perfect solution for your company for cleaning baskets. The cleaning systems are available as continuous systems at attractive prices.

Thanks to innovative technology, the basket washing system offers optimal washing results for baskets with low water and electricity consumption. Our washing machines such as the basket washer system are divided into a main washing zone and a rinsing zone, as well as an optional drying module and an integrated water filter.

The basket washer from the experienced manufacturer Heim EDT has a water heater and an integrated automatic dispenser for your washing or cleaning additives. As a long-standing manufacturer of industrial basket washing systems, we are happy to share our know-how in the manufacture of systems. We offer fair prices and the best quality for each of our basket washing systems. The dirty baskets are cleaned in the washing systems after use and optionally dried. We plan the washing system together with you so that the system delivers the perfect washing and drying result for your baskets.

The basket washer can optionally be supplied with the following project-specific modules.

  • One-man operation
  • Drying module
  • Electricity or steam heating
  • External dimensions of the basket washing system adapted to your company

Get a quote for a basket washing system now. Heim EDT GmbH systems in the best quality.

Capacity: 100 – 2,000 baskets per hour


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