Cutter Wagon Washer for effective cleaning of Cutter Wagon.

A Cutter Wagon Washer is also known as a Cutter Wagon Washing Machine. They are made of high quality stainless steel and have hygienic design as a result of HACCP standardization. The cleaning equipment is designed to clean the cutter wagons. When it comes to shopping cart cleaning, cutter wagon washing machines are economical in consumption with important resources. Optionally, the process can be extended with drying. The machine is customized for the cleaning material of each company, so that a wider range of items can be cleaned.

Capacity: 40 - 200 per hour.

Stainless steel cutter car washer

Product description: Cutter Wagon Washer.

Compact washers such as cutter wagon washers from the machine builder-manufacturer Heim – EDT GmbH are for effective cleaning of large containers. The washing equipment can clean different cutter wagons depending on the type of construction. The Washer has a combined pre-wash (optional), main wash and rinse. The Washer is often called a cutter wagon washing machine. The loading/unloading of the containers is supplied as standard with a loading door operated by an electric motor (servomotor), which serves both to hold the Bix boxes and to close the washing chamber. The containers are easily placed and fixed directly on the door. The door is then closed watertight (drip water recovery), and with the closing of the door the washing cycle starts automatically. After its completion, the door opens automatically. Washing zone and rinsing zone are separated in the cutter wagon washer.

Heim - EDT: Cutter Wagon Washer.



During the pre-wash, the cutter wagons are pre-cleaned and baked-on impurities are moistened, thus perfectly preparing them for the main wash. The built-in tank heater of the Washer maintains the temperature of the washing water. The water from the prewash is then used to clean the cutter cars.


Main wash.

In the main wash of the cutter wagon washer, the cutter wagons are thoroughly washed from all sides and inside in the circulating wash zone. The built-in filter system continuously cleans the cutter wagons in the wash zone. This contributes to the reduction of germs and bacteria. The cleaning of the containers is fast, effective and resource-saving.


Clear rinsing.

During the clear rinse, the cutter wagons are rinsed with hot and clean fresh water in the cutter wagon washer and thermally disinfected (optionally, the cutter wagons are cleaned in the washers with the addition of detergents or disinfectants). This water is then optimally reused during the next main wash. This unique process achieves a maximum washing result of the tanks and cutter cars without pH carry-over with a minimum consumption of water, energy and chemicals. The Washer from the manufacturer Heim – EDT produce thereby minimum operating costs with best cleaning results.

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Cutter Wagon Washer.

Information Cutter Wagon Washer.

The following goods can be cleaned in our washing machines:

  •         Standard cutter trolleys 
  •         Special cutter trolley

Are you looking for a cutter wagon washing machine for a different length, shape or size of containers?

No problem, contact us and together we will find a solution. We adapt all machines individually to your items to be washed, thus achieving the perfect results for you and ensuring optimum hygiene.

The cleaning and washing cycles are adjustable, the average washing time is about 100 seconds and includes 6 phases:

  1.   loading and closing of the door
  2.   cleaning at 35 – 60°C
  3.   pause for draining
  4.   rinsing with disinfecting effect at 82 – 85°C
  5.   pause for dripping (optional drying)
  6.   opening of the door and after-run of the fume hood

Afterwards, the containers can be removed from the machine. If you need special product specification, please contact us directly and we will design the machine according to your needs. For detailed prices and information about a system, please contact us directly.

Below are the technical data of cutter wagon washer for cleaning 200 cutter wagons per hour:

  •         Power supply: 3~400V/50Hz+N+PE
  •         Motor protection:IP55                                   
  •         Pump capacity:22 kW ~ 90 mm³ at 6 bar
  •         fume extraction: low pressure fan 2,2 kW
  •         water connection tank + rinse : 3/4″ AG
  •         Water drain: quick drain valve 200 x 200 mm, additional water drain 3″.
  •         Tank capacity: approx. 800 liters
  •         Noise level: approx. 65db (A)
  •         Electrical tank heating: 4 x 9 kW
  •         Connected load: approx. 25 kW (excl. tank heating and flow heater)
  •         Washing time: freely selectable
  •         Tank per hour: 15 – 30 tanks/h depending on degree of pollution
  •         Nozzle ring: stainless steel 1.4301
  •         Washing temperature: 35 – 60°C freely selectable
  •         rinse temperature: 82 – 85°C

The dimensions and components of the cutter wagon washing machines are adapted to the requirements of your company and the prices vary.

Stainless steel cutter car washer

Industrial cutter trolley washing systems directly from the manufacturer.

Machinery manufacturer Heim – EDT GmbH, for example, produces machines such as cutter trolley washing systems that are ideal for washing product-specific cutter trolleys. Thanks to the hygienic design, unparalleled quality, and state-of-the-art technologies integrated into the cutter trolley washing systems, fast and effective cleaning is possible. 



The Washers clean the products in a tunnel filled with circulating water. They are washed in the washing room, which has a built-in filter system that cleans them thoroughly. This helps reduce resources and costs.

Rinsing and disinfection.

The containers are washed in the rinsing zone of the cutter wagon washer with hot and clean fresh water and then thermally disinfected. This water is then reused in the main washing process of the Washer. The unique process of the washer ensures the best results with the least possible use of water, energy and chemicals. Optionally, depending on the model, a drying solution for containers can be installed inside the unit.


Not only do our years of experience with washing systems, hygiene barriers, and operational equipment speak for us, but also our satisfied customers and partners. We don’t just offer you solutions – we develop shared concepts tailored perfectly to your needs and stand by your side for any questions, concerns, and challenges. Reach out to us comfortably and without obligation for more information, pricing, and further details. 

Stainless steel cutter car washer

Experience with cutter wagon washing machines.

As a long-time manufacturer of various cutter wagon washing machines, we know which criteria are crucial for meeting hygiene requirements. We offer a wide range of washing machines at reasonable cost, which can be directly connected to your logistics or into the production process when installed.

We offer the best advice and are sure to find the best solution if you are looking for a cutter wagon washing machine at a reasonable price. We produce our machines in Germany and offer you as a seller the best solutions at reasonable costs. Moreover, we offer competitive prices and the delivery will be done after confirmation by phone or email.