Sanitizer Dispenser stainless steel & aluminium.

The refillable Sanitizer Dispensers made of Aluminium or Stainless steel are immediately available in various designs at any time. As Sanitizer dispenser contactless with sensor or with arm lever for manual operation.

Optional: freestanding or for wall mounting with stand, with 500ml or 1,000ml bottles, suitable for all types of disinfectants. Perfect for use in the food industry or hospitals.

We also carry 500ml & 1,000ml bottles and drip trays.

Stainless steel disinfectant dispenser

Heim - EDT: Sanitizer Dispenser.

Sanitizer dispenser open casing.

• Design: Angular, with covered pump area, stainless steel lever, plastic pump • Dimensions: 100 x 87 x 236 mm • Net weight: 1,4 kg • Stainless steel version - 500 ml • Stainless steel version - 1.000 ml • Aluminium version - 500 ml • Aluminium version - 1.000 ml
Disinfectant dispenser open stainless steel

Sanitizer dispenser closed casing

• Design: Angular, covered pump area and bottle, stainless steel lever, plastic pump • Dimensions: LxBxH 100 × 87 × 236 mm • Net weight: 1,6 kg • Stainless steel version, 500 ml • Version stainless steel, 1.000 ml • Version aluminium, 500 ml • Version aluminium 1.000 ml
Disinfectant dispenser

Sanitizer dispenser with base.

Sanitizer dispenser with foot actuation • Design: Angular, covered pump area and bottle, stainless steel lever, plastic pump • Dimensions: base plate 300 mm, LxBxH 105 × 85 × 1000 mm • Net weight: 9,0 kg • Stainless steel version
Disinfectant dispenser with stand

Sanitizer dispenser contactless with sensor.

Sanitizer dispenser contactless with senor, for wall mounting or with stand. • Design: with rounded corners. The dosing quantity and spraying time is adjustable. Optical release after use. • Dimensions: LxBxH 320 × 500 × 780 mm • Electrical connection: 230 V - 50 Hz, IP 64 • Stainless steel version
Disinfectant dispenser standing in stainless steel


Not only do our years of experience with washing systems, hygiene barriers, and operational equipment speak for us, but also our satisfied customers and partners. We don’t just offer you solutions – we develop shared concepts tailored perfectly to your needs and stand by your side for any questions, concerns, and challenges. Reach out to us comfortably and without obligation for more information, pricing, and further details. 

Sanitizer Dispenser.

Information Sanitizer Dispenser.

The Sanitizer dispensers can be used in the following areas:

  • Food processing plants
  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals
  • Butcher shops
  • Bakeries
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Restaurants
  • Retail companies
  • Industrial enterprises
  • Private households
  • Doctors
  • And many more.

Hand sanitizer dispensers are designed for both commercial & medical organizations.

We carry the following Sanitizer dispenser systems in stainless steel & aluminium respectively.

  • Sanitizer dispenser open casing
  • Sanitizer dispenser closed casing
  • Sanitizer dispenser with foot actuation
  • Sanitizer dispenser with sensor (contactless)

If the suitable version is not listed, please contact us and we are sure to find the optimal solution.

Stainless steel disinfectant dispenser, side view

Sanitizer dispenser with activation via manual arm lever or contactless with sensor

The Sanitizer dispensers made of stainless steel or aluminium have a 500ml or 1,000ml bottle made of plastic and can be filled with all common disinfectant solutions. The Sanitizer dispensers made of stainless steel are manufactured according to the HACCP concept and thus comply with the highest European hygiene regulations.

Sanitizer dispensers have been an important part of a functioning hygiene concept long before COVID-19 / Corona and are used not only in slaughterhouses, hospitals, and pharmacies, but also in the catering industry and in individual companies.

With the Sanitizer dispensers from Heim – EDT is your company, perfectly equipped for the current situation. We recommend the Sanitizer dispenser with built-in sensor for touchless activation or foot actuation, by avoiding direct contact with the dispenser system, bacteria are given absolutely no room to develop. Optionally, the dispenser systems are also available with arm lever actuation. All dispenser systems dispense the desired amount of disinfectant into the hands of the user. The dispenser can be mounted on the wall or supplied with a foot. Before using the disinfectant, we recommend thorough cleaning of hands with soap and water.

HEIM – EDT uses only high-quality aluminium and stainless steel to produce Sanitizer dispensers.  The dispensers are also available in high quality plastic design.

Get a quote for a stainless-steel Sanitizer dispenser or soap dispenser now.

The Sanitizer dispensers are shipped after the order is made or when the payment is received. You can purchase disinfectant solutions for the Sanitizer dispensers directly from us or use all conventional disinfectants for filling.