Tilting device, container tilter and lifting or lifting tilting devices.

Our tipping device and container tilter is at home wherever mesh pallets and  containers need to be emptied and handled or parts need to be separated and fed. We know the requirements when it comes to lifting and tipping mesh pallets, containers and loads, because we have worked on a large number of projects for national and international industrial companies. This knowledge allows us to offer a proven tipping device for almost any lifting need. Heim-EDT tilting devices are made of high-quality steel and aluminum, which underscores their value as durable accessories for your manufacturing processes. And since we manufacture our tipping devices in Germany, you can be sure that they meet the strictest quality standards.

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Tipping devices from Heim EDT

Product description: Tilting Device.

Tilting devices, such as mesh boxes, are used for feeding machines and for separating or packing components. In this way they can be used as part of an automated feeding process. The tilting devices are adapted to the size of box pallets used in logistics and distribution centers. They can also be equipped with an insertion device to place the goods into the boxes with the help of vacuum suction cups

Tilting devices for box pallets consist of three main components: The base frame or beam, the tilting mechanism and the collapsing device. We supply each part separately, so you can assemble your own tipper according to your needs. This also allows for customization to meet special requirements, such as meeting safety standards, protecting damage-sensitive parts, or accommodating additional installation components such as valves or wiring.

The tilting device can be adapted to the capacity of the container, the weight of the load and the unloading height.

Heim - EDT: Tilting Device.


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Tilting devices especially according to your requirements.

Think of the different container types and sizes, almost any bulk material, individual charging and dumping heights, coordinated dumping geometries, automatic container safety devices, connection to your plant control system and customized enclosures are only a small part of our possibilities. We will be happy to advise you on these and other options.

Lifting- tilting devices.

Lifting- tilting devices, mainly for loading machines or material bunkers, are designed and manufactured according to your individual specifications. The use of the lifting and tilting device in automated processes can be switched on or off at any time.

Container tilters.

As a container tilter, e.g. for skeleton containers, pallet tilting device or as an ergonomic work aid for the safe depositing of loads of up to 20 tons. We manufacture the right container tilter for every requirement.
Container cleaner

Experiences with tilt devices.

Tilt devices for grid boxes consist of three main components: the base frame or support, the tilting mechanism, and the folding device. We supply each part separately, allowing you to assemble your own tipper according to your needs. This also enables individual customization for specific requirements, such as compliance with safety standards, protection of sensitive parts from damage, or accommodation of additional installation components like valves or wiring.

The tilting device can be adjusted to the container’s capacity, the weight of the load, and the unloading height.