IBC Container Washer

Washer for cleaning IBC containers

Container Washer

Container washer system in hygienic design as a continuous washing system for cleaning various containers such as IBC containers.

adjustable washing cycles
self-cleaning wash cabin
Main wash tank with innovative high pressure pump

Capacity: 40 – 200 containers per hour

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Cleaned goods
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Industrial Loading Trolley & Cutter Trolley Washer

The containers are loaded manually on a conveyor belt and placed in the washing plant
guided. The position of the emptying flap is queried by means of sensors and if it is correct
Position fed to the wash cycle. The clocking of the system is interrupted if there are too many
Containers are on the treadmill.

Course of the washing cycle:

  1. Controlled “opening / closing” of the emptying flap
  2. Start of “floor and flap cleaning” via washing nozzles built into the floor of the system. During the cleaning process, the flap is moved back and forth over the emptying mechanism to ensure thorough cleaning.
  3. Retraction of the motor-driven washing head for interior cleaning and Rinse aid. Exterior cleaning / rinsing via permanently installed nozzle bars in the cabin.
  4. During the process, the container is attached to the beam by means of a turntable turned over.
  5. Retraction of the motor-driven drying head fed by a High pressure fan with electric heating register. 
  6. Activation of the vapor extraction and opening of the system exit door.
  7. The washed container is discharged using activated conveyor belts to the extraction point. 
  8. Manual removal of the cleaned container.

The cycle of the container washing system is interrupted “as soon as there is a washed container in the system and on 2 containers at the removal point” or no container on the
Infeed buffer belt.


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