Stainless steel lockers for work clothes.

A stainless steel locker is optimal as an employee locker. The locker for work clothes is made of high quality stainless steel in accordance with EU hygiene requirements. Hygienic and tidy lockers for employees form an important part of staff hygiene and employee satisfaction. We customize lockers for employees according to your needs, optionally with

Capacity: 1 - 20 compartments.

Employee locker for work clothes

Stainless steel locker: Countless options, always suitable for your employees.

Optionally, when choosing stainless steel lockers, you can choose between floor or wall mounting. Furthermore, you can choose between the following customizations:

  • Bench
  • Steel or stainless steel
  • Size, width & height of the compartments freely selectable
  • With or without doors
  • Lockable with different locking options
  • Choice of one, two or three compartments possible

An employee locker should always be customized to the needs of the staff, therefore our locker range includes the series “Locker Industrial Design”, which is flexible and customizable.

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Information Employee Locker.

The lockers are versatile due to their round design and are the ideal solution for industrial & food companies. The stainless steel lockers offer hardly any collection points for bacteria due to their hygienic design and the possibility of wall mounting. In addition, the lockers have the following advantages.

  • Convenient storage of clothing
  • Innovative construction
  • No problem with high temperatures

The industrial lockers are adapted to the needs of your company & staff and are the ideal solution for storing work clothes. Thanks to the use of high quality materials, stainless steel lockers have a long usability and are stable.

The employee lockers can be made of steel or stainless steel. The lockers are the perfect storage place for work clothes & materials due to their design.  Lockers are usually positioned in locker rooms. Employees can change their street and work clothes in them and store them safely. In most cases, these are lockable lockers or traditional lockers with a separate compartment for storing valuables separately. In any case, there is enough space to store street and work clothes, and even larger bags can find enough space in the lockable lockers. We have over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing stainless steel lockers, and together with you we are sure to find the right solution for storing clothes.

The suitable locker is designed individually according to the place of use. The high quality stainless steel and the construction are optimal for withstanding high humidity in e.g. food processing plants or gyms. Lockers are ideal for storing valuables and provide protection against unauthorized access. A good design for maximum storage space takes into account individual needs as well as the size and shape of the locker room.

Stainless steel locker


Not only do our years of experience with washing systems, hygiene barriers, and operational equipment speak for us, but also our satisfied customers and partners. We don’t just offer you solutions – we develop shared concepts tailored perfectly to your needs and stand by your side for any questions, concerns, and challenges. Reach out to us comfortably and without obligation for more information, pricing, and further details. 

Stainless steel lockers with bench

Bench lockers - comfortable and secure.

Lockers with bench seats provide seating and storage for changing and storing clothes. They are compact but do not take up too much space. Bench lockers provide employees with a bit of privacy, prevent loitering, protect valuable items from theft, and provide proper storage for protective work clothing.

A locker with bench seat provides employees with multiple storage options for personal items, valuables, street clothes and protective equipment such as helmets and safety shoes. Placed in a company common area, employee locker room or hotel lounge, they provide employees in large companies, schools or hospitals with a place to store their personal belongings.

Lockers with bench seating provide seating and storage while changing. This makes people feel more comfortable, especially when they are in public spaces. Since the benches connect directly to the locker system instead of separating them from the lockers, this saves space compared to installing the locker and benches separately and is the most efficient solution, especially when space is limited.