Your partner in the field of hygiene.​

Washing Systems & Personnel Hygiene.​

Heim – EDT GmbH has been producing high-quality washing systems, hygiene stations, and much more for over 30 years – Quality made in Germany.

Container Cleaning.​

Industrial Container Cleaning.

Washing systems from Heim – EDT GmbH are available in various standardized versions for cleaning plastic containers, E1/E2/E3 boxes, pallets, buckets, crates, bin boxes, and many other items. The washing system is tailored to the item you need to clean.

Crate washer against white background for cleaning crates
Hygiene sluice for the food industry
Operational Equipment.​

Industrial Personnel Hygiene.

Hygiene stations for the cleaning and disinfection of hands, soles, and boot shafts, combined with turnstile & drying. We customize the system specifically for your business. The hygiene barriers are tailored to your local and personnel-related requirements.


Not only do our years of experience with washing systems, hygiene barriers, and operational equipment speak for us, but also our satisfied customers and partners. We don’t just offer you solutions – we develop shared concepts tailored perfectly to your needs and stand by your side for any questions, concerns, and challenges. Reach out to us comfortably and without obligation for more information, pricing, and further details. 

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Over 30 years of experience.​

Your partner for personnel hygiene.​

Heim EDT GmbH aus Crailsheim, Ihr kompetenter Partner in Sachen Personalhygiene zur Ausrüstung ihres Lebensmittel- oder Industriebetriebs. Unsere Produkte entsprechen höchsten Hygieneansprüchen und werden u.a. nach dem HACCP Konzept gefertigt. Alle Produkte sind aus hochwertigem Edelstahl gefertigt und sind ressourcensparend konzeptioniert. 

Innovative Technologies.

Revolutionary Washing Technology.​

Dive into the world of innovative washing technology with Heim – EDT GmbH. Our newly developed washing system revolutionizes the industry by saving up to 50% on water, energy, and cleaning agents without compromising on cleaning performance.

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Our Experience.

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Washing Systems - effective, sustainable & innovative.

Why Heim - EDT?

Experts in the field of industrial cleaning & hygiene.​

We are here to help you get the most out of your business and products. We continuously develop our products to always provide you with the best hygiene results.

Sustainale services.

We place great emphasis on sustainability in the development of our facilities. Thanks to the integrated water filter, our washing systems are extremely resource-efficient.

Innovative technologies.

We are constantly working on the further development of our products to keep your products hygienic and safe.

Top quality.

All of our products comply with the highest European standards and have been manufactured according to the HACCP concept.

Flexible products.

Our products are customized to meet your needs. For this purpose, we plan your project together and provide you with advisory support.