Washing systems & hygiene stations for the milk & cheese industry

Equipment for the Milk & Cheese Industry

Twenty-five years ago, Berthold Heim sold his first Hygiene station in the cheese and dairy industry, a then novel plant designed for the dairy and cheese industry with an integrated turnstile, hand washing and disinfection. Since then, a lot has been done in the cheese & dairy industry, and hygiene conditions have steadily improved. In order to improve the hygiene of your cheese or milk, they are perfectly equipped with systems from Heim EDT GmbH such as Hygiene stationsor Washing systems

Within the food industry, the cheese and dairy industries are one of the largest. From the cheese dairy around the corner to the industrial establishment and everything in between, hygiene is an essential factor in this industry. The risks are regulated by HACCP analyses and EU standards as far as possible by law. With Heim EDT you have an experienced partner for your cheese or dairy farm at your side.

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Hygiene stations for the cheese & dairy industry