The Heim EDT GmbH company from Crailsheim

The Heim EDT Company

The team of HEIM – EDT GmbH from Crailsheim is led by Berthold Heim. Heim – EDT has produced more than 15,000 Washing systems and Hygiene stations over the past 25 years. Heim Heim GmbH has supplied equipment in the food sector in over 75 different countries.

Due to the continuous development of the Heim – EDT systems, these could be successfully implemented in the cheese, confectionery, fruit and vegetable industries as well as in the poultry and fish industry in the course of time.

Heim EDT systems are the optimal solution for your food operation, Heim EDT stands for the highest quality and we put food safety above all else.

Mission Heim - EDT

Hygiene technology

Heim-EDT pursues the mission of fully satisfying its customers in the exercise of its commercial activities. We accompany our trading partners on their individual routes, from planning to design and production to the commissioning of the tailor-made systems. Particular attention is paid to the sustainability of the products.

Heimsystems are not only effective, but also resource-saving in terms of the consumption of water, energy and chemical additives.

Our team

Sabine Werthwein


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Berthold Heim


Head of the company Berthold Heim

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Marvin Heim
 Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager Marvin Heim

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Michael Vogel
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Not only do our many years of experience with washing systems, hygiene sluices and industrial facilities speak for us, but also our satisfied customers and partners. We don’t just offer you solutions – we develop joint and perfectly tailored concepts and are at your side for any questions, worries and difficulties. Contact us comfortably and without obligation for more information, prices and further information.

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