Smoking Trolley Washer System

Smoking Trolley Washer

Smoke Trolley Washer for washing Trolleys

The smoking trolley washer system from the manufacturer Heim EDT GmbH is designed according to a HACCP standard and is made of high-quality stainless steel. The washing systems for cleaning smoke trolleys are the ideal solution for food and industrial companies

Capacity: 10 – 30 trolleys per hour.

The washing system is for cleaning smoke trolleys.

We design the system together with you and adapt it to the smoke trolleys

Pump: DWO400

Pump capacity: 700 l / h

Tank capacity: 200 l

Tank heating: direct steam heating Washing temperature: 30 – 60 ° C (adjustable)

Nozzles: clip-eyelet (rotatable flat jet nozzles) Filter system: filter fabric convenient, in a drawer

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Cleaned goods
Plants in use

Industrial Smoking Trolley Washers

The smoke trolley washing system is installed on the floor, which means that the items to be cleaned can be brought in via a ramp almost at ground level.

The loading door is queried via a limit switch in its closed / open end position. This ensures that the doors are really closed. When the door closes, the washing cycle begins automatically.

The washing cycle can be regulated (average duration about 3 – 6 minutes) and comprises 5 phases:

  1. Loading and closing the loading door
  2. Washing process
  3. Rinsing at 80 ° C
  4. Centrifuge drainage phase
  5. Open the removal door and remove the trolley

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