Shopping Trolley Washer systems for cleaning shopping trolleys for supermarkets

Shopping Trolley Washer

Shopping Trolley Washer

The shopping cart washing machine from the manufacturer Heim EDT GmbH is designed according to a HACCP standard and manufactured from high-quality stainless steel. The Washing system for shopping trolleys is the ideal solution for cleaning standardized weighing.

Capacity: 100 – 5.000 trolleys per hour.

Assembly dimensions

Length module: 2200mm

Including. Hanging platforms: 4000mm

Width: 900mm

Height: 1500mm

Standardized shopping carts used as in most German supermarkets

We adapt the system individually to your laundry material.

1. The “shopping cart” is pushed over the entrance platform with the front wheels.

A ‘ height offset’ of the platform and the lower conveyor belt prevents the

Roll back. The sensors detect the wheels, start the conveyor belt and switch the

Spray mechanism on standby.

2. The conveyor belt with a carrier detects the front wheels and pulls the car evenly into the system.

The insertion platform has side guide plates so that the car can be

retracting process is positioned correctly on the conveyor belt.

3. The sensors, which are internally adapted to the car, detect the passing car and pass the pulse on to the control system. The time-adjustable spray dosing is triggered.

Several nozzles installed on the spray bar apply the disinfectant evenly. The spray nozzles are fed by a membrane pump which itselfUGend the solution directly from the disinfection container ansaUGt. The sensors are mounted in such a way that the spray bar can only be activated by one car.

4. The conveyor belt pushes the trolley over the exit platform with side guide.

As long as no new car is detected by the input-side sensors, the belt stops and the system is on stand-by.

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Industrial Shopping Trolley Washer

Compact shopping washes from the manufacturer Heim EDT GmbH for your supermarket for cleaning and disinfecting mobile shopping carts. Thanks to innovative Washing systems are resource-saving. With a shopping cart Washing system you can effectively protect your customers from the dangers of coronavirus. The Washing system for mobile shopping trolleys or trolleys is the perfect protection for your customers against the coronavirus thanks to integrieter disinfection.


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